MPMC-I Projects

Demonstration Project: Alzheimer's Disease

Leads: Joseph E. Gaugler, PhD, and Riley McCarten, PhD

The Alzheimer's demonstration project is designed to explore the feasibility and acceptability of various precision medicine and health approaches for dementia care and treatment in diverse contexts.

Demonstration Projects:
Lung Cancer and Nicotine Metabolism

Leads: Dorothy Hatsukami, PhD, and Abbie Begnaud, MD

These two demonstration projects aim to better understand lung cancer in Minnesota Native Americans. One project studies nicotine metabolism in Natives who smoke and one project investigates lung cancer gene mutations in Natives with lung cancers.

Demonstration Project: Depression

Leads: Gerald August, PhD, and Jeff Bishop, PharmD

The depression demonstration project features the use of mobile health technologies to assist in the assessment, monitoring, and treatment of depression provided by primary care clinicians for populations faced with disparities that affect accessibility, quality, and affordability of mental health care.