MPMC-I (2016-2018)

PIs: Constantin Aliferis, Pamala Jacobson, Catherine McCarty, Kingshuk Singh, Susan M. Wolf, Doug Yee

Phase 1 of the Provost's Grand Challenges Research Initiative led to $3.6 million in University investments in high-potential faculty research in fall 2016. Among the funded projects was the Minnesota Precision Medicine Collaborative (MPMC), a transformative initiative to use 21st-century technologies—including genomics, informatics, bioengineering, analysis of environmental exposures, and behavioral sciences—to tailor health care to the challenges facing individuals and their communities.


• Coordinating Core
• Biologics/Behavior Core
• Ethics and Policy Core
• Bioinformatics/Data Core


Demonstration Projects

• 10,000 Family Study
• Alzheimer's Disease Project
• Depression Project
• PGx in Hmong Project
• Lung Cancer Project
• Smoking Cessation Project
• Ovarian Cancer Project